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Announcing The Habeeb Prize for Innovation and Research  

Announcing The Habeeb Prize for Innovation and Research   

As part of our goal to foster impactful research in tertiary institutions across the country, we are announcing The Habeeb Kolade Prize for Innovation and Research to be also known as Habeeb Prize.

This prize will be awarded to what is deemed the most impactful research or innovative work during the year in any Nigerian or African tertiary institution. All and only works submitted for publication at The Ibadan Review will be considered for the prize.  


View Submissions Guidelines Here.

The prize consists of a medal, a diploma and 100,000 NGN cash prize and the first will be awarded in June 2020.

For this prize, there will be 10 finalists and one winner. We intend to provide all finalists special features on the platform as well as their own diplomas. 


Our aim, in line with those of social enterprise and platform, The Ibadan Review is to enhance more collaboration and support in tertiary institutions. More importantly, to serve as a bridge between innovative works and research in academia and the society where policies are made and entrepreneurial works are carried out. In addition, we will love to see less awesome research works go unnoticed, unused and in dumps. We believe that the successful coming together of these will further enhance our formidability in tackling the myriad problems in our local communities.

Finally, we hope this contributes to the development of the education sector, a key area in our economic and continental growth. 


Read more about Habeeb Prize Here


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