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Call for Volunteers

Call for Volunteers 

We are excited to let you know we are now recruiting volunteers for The Ibadan Review as we seek as we kickstart our journey to providing a platform to share research and innovative works from African tertiary institutions.

The Ibadan Review is a publication for innovation and research being carried out in African tertiary institutions. You can read more about the full extent of our work on the About Ibadan Review page.

We are currently accepting applications for volunteers who want to be part of our editorial team. The team is responsible for our sourcing and publication of research and innovation on our platform. Roles include :

– Reviewing Editors – Read, review and edit works submitted to Ibadan Review for publication.

– Graphics Design – Create graphics for the promotion of Ibadan Review works.

– Social Media Manager – Handle online posting and management of our social media accounts.

– Web Manager – Handle online posting of reviewed and edited works on the website.

–  Ambassadors – Can you be our representative in your tertiary institution helping us get innovative students and lecturers to share their works on Ibadan Review.

We seek volunteers who are willing and able to wholeheartedly assist the organization towards the fulfilment of our objectives. More, we seek volunteers who are keen about supporting the progress of research and innovative works in tertiary institutions.

Please note that volunteering with The Ibadan Review must be taken seriously and will require weekly commitment. Unless in special circumstances, volunteers will work remotely.


Click this link to fill in your application. VOLUNTEERS’ APPLICATION FORM


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