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Welcome To The Ibadan Review

Welcome To The Ibadan Review 

We are glad to share the result of several weeks of work and months of deliberation –  The Ibadan Review, a platform dedicated to the publication of research, creative and innovative works in tertiary institutions.

Our primary focus is creating a community that supports research by students in tertiary institutions, including other creative and innovative works, especially to amplify support, collaborations for such works, as well as enhance knowledge sharing.

We believe that research, especially in tertiary institutions, forms an important part of our economic and national development at large. We are keen to foster collaboration among the research communities, the tech and entrepreneurial ecosystem, private and non-governmental organizations as well as governments. 


The norm is that several hours of research by students are usually obscured after these students have got their credit and eventually passed out of the institution. Some of these works of research end up locked up or on refuse dumps, usually unused. Although it is true that most research will end up this way, we do not believe we have the luxury to enable such waste at this time. Instead, we hope good research is carried out and such research provides important work or insights for a local entrepreneur to make important progress. 


While we understand the enormity of the task at hand, we are taking our baby steps to contribute to an important sector that needs all the support it can get. We hope that through our work, we can attract more attention, support and collaboration to research and innovative works in tertiary institutions in Africa.


In the coming weeks, we will launch a call for articles sharing works of research or innovation. We hope to keep this running for as long as forever.

This while, you may visit our Submissions Guidelines page.


Welcome to The Ibadan Review. 

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